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After an eight-year career in the National Football League, Spencer Tillman today serves as Sports Analyst for FOX Sports and host of ABC-13/KTRK’s, NFL’s Houston Texans Inside the Game post-game recap program.

Prior to joining FOX Sports, Spencer was lead studio analyst for CBS Sports coverage of College Football Today and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. He anchored that lead role longer than any broadcaster in CBS Sports History.

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A polished and highly effective communicator, Spencer is a rare talent who closes the delta of understanding when speaking about the immutable principles that govern, not only life in the highly competitive world of the NFL & Network Broadcasting, but also in the fast-changing world of work. Your team members will not only feel energized but will leave with actionable steps that will improve their performance and, the company’s bottom line!

What Is A
Business That Matters

A business that matters is one that rewards you with:

The freedom to live the life you want.
The confidence that customers consistently enjoy outstanding experiences.
The peace of mind of knowing your staff is treated with respect and humanity.
The reassurance that your people want to stay, to do great work and to allow you to focus on high-value activities.
And the immense pride that comes from knowing you make the world – or your little corner of it – a better place.


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Scoring in the Red Zone:

How to Lead Successfully When the Pressure Is on!


The “Red Zone.” The last 20 yards from the opponent’s goal line. It’s difficult to score there because the defending team can concentrate its efforts. Likewise, the offensive team has less area in which to maneuver. It takes the focused and precise execution of all players doing their assigned tasks to advance the ball in the Red Zone and score.

In business and in every other area of life, we encounter many Red Zones-situations where the pressure is on and our “wiggle room” is limited. It’s there where we have to draw on preparation, experience, and strength of character if we hope to reach our objective. We need a solid game plan — and that’s exactly what Scoring in the Red Zone provides.

Through personal anecdotes, illustrations from sports, and timeless wisdom, Spencer Tillman challenges you and your team to win when the pressure is on.

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